BGauss brand introduced by RR Global with an electric two-wheeler

RR Global is a Mumbai-based company working in the electrical industry
They have introduced a new electric scooter under the BGauss brand
The new electric scooter will feature fast charging, IoT and claims impressive power figure

The mumbai-based electrical company, RR Global, who have a strong presence in the Deccan offering
electrical cables, magnetic wires, copper tubes, electromechanical parking solutions and a lot more, has
introduced their first electric scooter under their new brand BGauss. Manufactured and sold under the
RR Kabel brand, the new electric scooter claims to have “great power, a fluid design, low maintenance,
fast charging and Internet-Of-Things (IoT),” as per Hemant Kabra, Director, RR Global & Founder and
Managing Director, BGauss.
According to Hemant Kabra, the name BGauss is derived from the nomenclature used for an electric
motor. Gauss is used to measuring the magnetic field and is denoted by ‘B’, which is where the name of
the brand is inspired. The company also pointed out that their focus for this new electric scooter
will be technology, design, trust, value for money, and after-sales service as well as ownership costs.
Manufacturing of the scooter has already commenced and the firm plans to produce 80,000 units by the
fiscal year-end of 2021. In its initial phase, BGauss will introduce its sales and service network in South
and West India.

" We are delighted to announce our entry into the EV 2-wheeler segment, with our brand BGauss. We
truly believe that electric mobility will define the future of transport. We understand the Indian market
and have successfully placed India in the world map through our cables and wire businesses. Our strong
background of having established multiple electrical businesses across verticals owing to the robust
R&bD will further complement our efforts in the EV segment. Our group has proven over the years that
all our investments and businesses are embedded with deep market insights ensuring that the products
strike a chord instantly with the audience," added Hemant Kabra.

The recent shift to electric vehicles, specifically in the two-wheeler segment, has witnessed a gradual
growth. The reason is a low maintenance cost, easy to use mechanism, and tax benefits to a consumer.
Most of the consumers currently in this space are delivery partners or services being provided in the
logistics business. There is a small section of users who commute with electric scooters for their

personal use and can also understand the practicality of an e-scooter over an internal-combustion
engine one.

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