Evolet Raptor

Auto Expo 2020: Evolet Raptor Electric Maxi-Scooter Unveiled

The Gurugram-based EV maker had first showcased the Raptor a few months back when it launched its electric scooters, the Derby and Polo. Evolet India, an electric vehicle brand from Rissala Electric Motors, unveiled the Evolet Raptor electric maxi-scooter at the Auto Expo 2020. According to Evolet India, the Raptor is an electric cruiser scooter ideal for long-distance commuting. The Raptor has a brushless 3000-watt electric motor that draws power from a 72V 40 Ah lithium-ion battery and takes around 3-4 hours to be fully charged. The Evolet Raptor electric maxi-scooter has a claimed range of 150 km on a single charge and has a top speed of 100 kmph.

Just like most EVs out there, the Raptor also gets a digital instrument console, LED lights, and what seems like ride modes. The Raptor looks like quite a comfortable e-scooter. The Raptor is built around a rigid chassis and gets a mobile charging USB port, as well as IOT-enabled features. A dedicated Evolet mobile app will offer a wide range of information, including battery health, battery status, GPS, geo-fencing and security tracking. The app will also notify customers of service due dates, and customers will also be able to make a service appointment through the app. The Evolet Raptor is expected to be available in showrooms by June 2020.

The electric maxi-scooter is powered by a 3kW motor, which allows it to have a top speed of 100kmph. It is equipped with a 40Ah battery, which will take around 3-4 hours to fully charge. However, the company hasn’t announced if this time is achievable with a fast charger or a standard 5AMP socket. Evolet also claims that the Raptor has a range of around 100km to 250km and a top speed of 120kmph. But we aren’t too sure about these claims as the banners outside the stands state a range of 150km and a top speed of 100kmph.

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